What Is A Vision Board

What is a Vision Board? Do you know exactly what you want in your life? Do you want to have specific things months from now? Achieved certain goals a year from now? Or, are you not yet sure about exactly what you want to have in your future?

Do you have a Vision Board yet?

A vision board is like your very own crystal ball that shows you only what you wish to have.  A vision board is designed to change your emotional state – to make you feel happy, grateful, inspired and energetic.

At its heart, a vision board is simple.

Literally! A vision board can be made of cork board, cardboard, paper, a wall, or really just any flat surface that you can put your visions on.

Your visions can be in the form of pictures, words of affirmations, your goals or anything that you want to attract into your life.

Creating your very own vision board is one of the best ways to help you to keep moving forward, because your boards will be your constant reminder of what you want to think about, and feel good about.

Vision boards are also known as future boards, dream boards, creative collage, life’s treasure map and other names.

Vision boards are said to date way back to the cave men era. Their cave drawings may have been of how they imagined their successful hunting, just as easily as how they remembered the hunts.

Today, you can create you very own vision board of what you would want to have, see, hear, touch and feel in your future.

What is a vision board?

Having your very own vision board is a great way to get and stay inspired.

Looking at your board daily will remind you that great things are coming, and when you feel grateful, and as if those things are already yours, then the sooner they will come.

The Law of attraction works best when you visualize and feel gratitude at the same time.

If you have watched or read The Secret, then you probably already know about the Law of Attraction. Vision boards are mentioned in The Secret by John Assaraf.

For those who haven’t heard of John’s story, it’s about how he made an amazing discovery of the power of visualization in his life.

It’s amazing because John became successful, and when he was moving into a new house, he found one of his first vision boards.

On it was a picture of a dream house, and it turned out that he had purchased that very house without realizing it! It is the very same house he now lives in.

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