Visualization is an essential part of the law of attraction. When you understand what it means, and how to use this process, it can work for you. An important point to keep in mind is visualization does not mean thinking about your goal. There is much more to it.

First, after you have decided what you want, create a picture of it in your mind. You will have better results if you can create a clear image of your goal. If you have difficulty with this part of the process, there are a number of ways you can find inspiration.

You can locate pictures in magazines or on the internet, photographs you own, or objects that represent what you want.

You may find it easier to visualize if you place these pictures or objects where you can see them every day. Regardless of the method you choose, strive to make the image in your mind as clear as possible.

Second, when you are focusing on the image, put yourself in the image. You can pretend the image is a photograph, and that you are in the photograph.

As examples, picture yourself holding the money you want to manifest, being in the new job or new home you want, or wearing the piece of jewelry. Whatever you wish to manifest, the image you create should show that you already have it.

The third part of visualization is receiving. While the object or situation you want has not yet come to you, you must believe it is yours. This will create stronger energy to bring your goal to you.

Believing you have received also requires gratitude. Think of how happy and grateful you will be to have the situation or object you desire.

Instead of contemplating gratitude for the future, you need to envision it in the present. When the emotions and thoughts that correspond with genuine gratitude increase your energy, you are sharing in the universal laws that can bring you whatever you want.

There are two common mistakes to avoid when manifesting a goal. One mistake is being impatient. While you may receive what you want tomorrow, it is likely to take much longer.

Rather than being concerned about when you will receive, simply count on the laws of the universe to bring results.

A second mistake is worrying about the process. Whether your goal is large or small, it may seem difficult or impossible. As worry can interfere with your energy and delay results, try to avoid these thoughts.

Instead, use these three parts of visualization twice a day. Take time for this process, and make sure you have privacy. When there is nothing to distract you, it will be easier to focus.

Visualization can help your wishes, goals, and dreams come true. If you start with these easy tips, the energy from your own mind will help the laws of the universe work for you.

After you have successfully manifested one goal, you may decide to use this process in every area of your life.

Bob Proctor, one of the many great and successful teachers of the Law of Attraction, shares one of his many principles for success; “If your way doesn’t work, try mine. I’m rich, successful, healthy and happy. I must know something.”

He also teaches anyone willing to listen and understand that “Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hands.” Another of his famous teaching says “See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it happens every time with every person.”


This is what Visualization is all about – seeing yourself already having whatever it is you currently want, even though you don’t yet have a clue about how you will achieve it.

It is about imaging being in that dream office, or being with the love of your life, or having that baby you’ve been asking for; while at the same time, feeling gratitude as if what you are imagining is already true. As if it is really happening now, or that you have those things now.

Daily visualization exercises will help you hasten the achievement of your goals in any aspect of your life.

Seeing yourself in that moment and feeling true gratitude will tell the Universe that you really want those things and that most of all, you believe you deserve those wants.

It will create a kinetic energy or succession of forces that will allow the universe to quickly rearrange circumstances to give you what you want.

It may bring you the people who can help you, the money or time you need or anything that will help you go forward with your goals.

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