Visualization Exercise

Visualization Exercise

#1: Meditate and get to know who you currently are now as a person. Do you like yourself? Are you a good person? Are you happy with what you have in your life right now? Think long and clearly. Search your soul.

#2: After getting to know yourself a little better you now have an idea of where you are in your life right now. This time write down what it is you want to change about yourself, what you want to achieve and who you want to have in your life.

#3: Do daily visualizations or imagine those things/circumstances that you want and feel grateful for already receiving them.

A good sign that you are truly visualizing and feeling is that you will catch yourself smiling or crying while imagining.

Make your daily imaginations or visualizations as detailed as possible but also make sure you are focusing most on the good outcome.

#4: Don’t doubt. Stay on the positive side and positive outcomes while imagining.

Science has proven that our brain’s subconscious part can’t distinguish whether what you are visualizing is a reality or not.

Imagine all that will make you happy in the future in a belief and feeling that the future is now; the sky’s your limit.

Your brain will just obey you because it won’t know if you are just imagining or if you are in your current reality.

#5: Make a vision board, a vision movie/slide show, vision notebook or a vision wall. Anything that you can see as often as possible to constantly remind you of your goals and on staying positive.

#6: Believe in yourself. Believe in your capabilities and your mind. You are the creator of your life. Or if you’re religious then God is your creator but keep in mind that God always wants you happy.

He wants what is best for you and it is up to you to always want what is best for yourself.

Now that you know the importance of visualization, it is also very important to keep in mind that this process goes hand in hand with action.

Remember that you also need to take action in order to really get what you are visualizing.

Ask –Visualize -Believe-Be Grateful-Act…these are the steps to making what you are visualizing, your reality.

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