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 “Does the Law of Attraction work?”…”Is the Law of Attraction real?”

Did you know that only 1-2% of people who say they apply The Law of Attraction (LOA) also say they have great results?

Wow, when I first heard that I was really surprised! No one tells you that when you first begin, when you are all agog about this LOA thing that you know in your heart is true.

There is no chapter in the book that says “Warning – most of you will not get the results that we speak of!” 

If you look closely and study how to apply LOA in depth, you can figure it out. But it can take a long time (maybe too long) to dig that deep.

What the people who ARE successful know (that you probably don’t), is that there are tips and tools available. You can use them to become one of those successful people yourself, by applying the Law of Attraction in simple, effective steps.


law of attractionJust reading the LOA book or watching The Secret once won’t cut it.

You need an edge, a way in. First, you need to know what the Law of Attraction is, what a Vision Board is, and familiarize yourself with the Tips and Tools.

Next, you need to decide which of these will benefit you the most. Then, you will need to take action, choose which one you need to use to join this small group of successful people.

The first thing you need to do is look at the top of this page, where the menu is located. There are 3 sections available for you to select from: How To Use The Law Of Attraction, Vision Board, and Law of Attraction Tips.


Start with How To Use The Laws Of Attraction to be sure you are familiar with the material.

Even if it’s a review for you, you might just find a little secret nugget there.

If you feel like you already have a good understanding of the Law of Attraction, go ahead and click on the Vision Board tab.

That’s where you will discover one of the most important things you will be using to get going in the right direction, right away.

The third section, Law of Attraction Tips, is where you will find mental exercises that will help you along the way to writing affirmations, attracting abundance, love and more.

You will also get to take a look at the most powerful LOA products available to you.

Because I use these tips and products, I will let you in on how they work, look and feel. I will let you know what you can expect from them, as well as what unexpected things you might find.

A great way to get started is to take a look (in the Tips section) at the book Never In Your Wildest Dreams, by Natalie Ledwell.

This is an extraordinary book, written about a woman named Katherine, and the journey she takes while learning about, and then applying, the Law of Attraction.

One of the most powerful things about the book is that it allows you to peek inside the life of someone who is doing what you are dreaming about right now.

It is written in a refreshing interactive style, and you also will find easy to follow, reliable instructions on how  to change your life.  Natalie is also one of the three people who created Mind Movies.

Not surprisingly, another one of my favorites is Mind Movies. Those who know about it, and use it every day, realize its power!

And, you won’t find Mind Movies sold on the front page of just anyone’s website, even though they endorse the product publicly. People like

  •    Bob Proctor
  •    Bob Doyle
  •    Joe Vitale
  •    John Assaraf

…and many others love Mind Movies.

If you don’t know it, these are truly inspirational people who understand the Law of Attraction. They are the best teachers you will find in your quest to change your life for the better.

They have excellent products, and you will learn about them in the Product Review section later.

That’s where I show you  how they work, who and what they are best for, and what I think of them (good and bad).

This can save you a bunch of time as well as helping you to keep your money where it belongs – in your pocket – until you decide  which one will give you what you are looking for.

After you are a customer, an insider, you will find that every one of these people wholeheartedly recommend Mind Movies to you.

I don’t blame them for not telling you right off of the bat, but this is a superb product for LOA follower to use, whether beginner or advanced.

Not only that, whether you want to create quiet inspiration, reminders of where your gratitude lies, or rocking motivation, you will find it a powerful ally!
Alright, go to the Top Menu now, and select your starting point.


Welcome to the Secrets Of The Law Of Attraction!

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