Universal Laws

Universal laws are often described as metaphysical science. However, you do not need to be highly educated, or have any special knowledge, to make the law of attraction work for you.


Not only do universal laws work equally for everybody, they are working in your life even when you do not realize it. The key to creating the life of your dreams is to use the law of attraction intentionally, rather than allowing its power to determine the course of your life.

The power of attraction is based on a person’s energy. This energy is caused by your thoughts and emotions. Whether your thoughts and emotions are positive or negative, the energy will attract what you think and feel.

The way to accomplish what you desire in life is to make your emotions and thoughts intentional. This will cause the universal laws to bring what you want, rather than what you do not want. While this may sound complicated, it is not difficult at all.

Intentionally creating begins by visualizing your goal. When you develop an image of your goal in your mind, focusing on the goal will increase the energy that brings the goal into your life. You may want to use a vision board for this.

Manifesting is the process that turns your goal into reality. When you encourage the universal laws to work in your life, you do not need to take any action. Simply visualizing on a regular basis will help the powers of the universe to work in your favor.

In addition to visualizing your goal, your emotions and thoughts must focus on gratitude. More energy will be released when you are truly grateful for what you are about to receive. Cultivate the feeling of gratitude as if you have already received what you want. Act as if you have received it, and feel grateful for it.

Universal laws also include the opportunity to change your mind. You can look at it as having and expressing your own free will. If there is something you do not like, the universal laws can lead to change.

When you start by imagining whatever you would like to change, the law of attraction can help you achieve it.

Other important points about universal laws.

One is if you do not create intentionally, you will create unintentionally.

Your emotions and thoughts will determine what comes into your life, whether it is what you want or not. This is why it is in your best interest to use the universal laws intentionally, because you will have the power of choice.

A second point is goals do not manifest overnight. Similar to anything else in life, patience is an essential part of the process. Do not allow yourself to become discouraged if the results you want do not occur immediately. Continue visualizing every day, and you will eventually have results.

The third point is the universal laws will work for the best, or for less than the best. Whether you have everything you desire in life, or settle for whatever happens, the decision is up to you. If you choose to use the law of attraction, your life can be fuller and happier.

The power of the universe is too great to ignore. These few simple steps can change your life.

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