Law of Attraction and Money

The law of attraction, with regard to money and abundance, states that approaching a challenge with a positive mindset allows you to draw positive energy to accomplish it.

At the same time, this positive energy will attract good things and bring them to you.

In general, you must remove doubt or fear of failure from your life, and develop a vibration of abundance in order to prosper. Here are some of the elements that are necessary for this law to work.

Know What You Want

For the law of attraction to work in creating more money and abundance, you have to know what you want. This seems like a no-brainer, but many people do not really know what they want.

For example, saying that you want to have and drive a nice car is not always enough. You have to give your mind specific answers such as the type of car, when you want to have it, and how you plan to acquire it.

These specifics are necessary when affirming what you want.


Besides knowing what you want, you have to believe that you can have money and abundance. However, harnessing this power requires a clear understanding of the difference between desire and belief.

Almost everyone desires to have money, be happy, and live a comfortable life. The problem is most people do not believe that they can receive what they desire.

You have to erase any doubts in your mind by engaging in activities that will take you as close to your dream as possible. The physical energy that you expend will help you move faster towards your dreams and goals.


Receiving is a key part of manifesting money and abundance. Nevertheless, it is wise to undertake a bit of self-analysis first to become aware of your ability to receive.

This process involves illumination of fears, doubts, and any limitations that you might be harboring. After this, you have to get rid of doubt and embrace the confidence required to drive you past any inhibitions.

Furthermore, you have to accept an idea as fact in order for it to materialize it. Take note that this law does not just involve receiving physical objects alone. You should also attune yourself to receiving love, joy, happiness, and physical well being.

Explore the law

This law, or any other law for that matter, would be essentially useless if you fail to incorporate it in your life. In view of this, you have to explore this law and understand how it influences your life.

For instance, you could use a phrase that helps you consciously surround yourself with creative energy. From time to time, your mind may contradict your affirmation. You should not fight such contradictions but do not submit to them.

Overall, the law of attraction with regard to money and abundance can help you achieve good health, mental well being and prosperity.

This is because your thoughts and actions shape your reality, according to the law. Therefore, by getting rid of negative thoughts and inculcating positive thoughts, you will be able to achieve your goals as well as get the things you want.

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