Never In Your Wildest Dreams Review

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Never In Your Wildest Dreams is truly worth reading!

It is tailor made for the person who wants to get her feet wet, so to speak, with understanding the Law Of Attraction and how to use it, at an entry level. Actually, it is more than that. It is also a great way for anyone using the Law of Attraction to revisit and review the process.

Natalie has written a book about Katherine, a writer who moves from one end of the LOA spectrum to the other. The book is about how Katherine came to be acquainted with the LOA, and how she began to apply it in her life. I won’t give it all away, but she does realize her dreams in the process of not only learning about, but applying what she learns. And, she wasn’t a writer when she started out at first…

I have to tell you that there is a feature in Never In Your Wildest Dreams that I have never seen before, that makes the book semi-interactive. After each chapter, Natalie takes you “Inside the Chapter“. She discusses what her thoughts were as she wrote it, how it was written, the important take-away points and how you can apply them.

And, after that, she includes a Mind Movie, or access to her Inspiration Show, or something else that is focused on those lessons – simply brilliant!

When was the last time you were able to hear from an author about a chapter you just read that helped you to understand and apply what you just learned? That’ has never even occurred to me, and I have certainly never seen before!

Never In Your Wildest Dreams is an extraordinary way to discover how to use the Law of Attraction.

Natalie does what works so very well: She teaches by telling stories. If she were to attempt to share these lessons by simply stating them in an outline, most of us would never use our imaginations for long enough to see ourselves applying the lessons in our lives.

By giving us a character we can relate to, who has thoughts and experiences similar to ours, she also provides us an opportunity to involve ourselves in the lessons on a much deeper level.

Ordinarily, I would mention things I would change, or things I didn’t appreciate about a product. But this is literally so entirely new and ground breaking to me that I have nothing but Mind Movies to compare it to.

I truly think this is an extraordinary book, and that you will benefit greatly for having read it!

PS: Rather than going through the entire book, I am going to share some notes that I took from Chapter 4. Just remember that these are only notes, and are in no way a substitute for reading the very entertaining book that brings the lessons to life.

Never In Your Wildest Dreams Review: Chapter 4

There are 5 types of affirmations:

  • Goal Affirmations: Describe what your life is like now that you have what you want. Do this in a way that includes your emotions.
  • Descriptive Affirmations: Write down what you want as if you already have it. Like instead of “I want anew…”, write “I really like having/doing…”
  • Action Affirmations: I do this, or that…the actions that help you achieve your goals. Like I go to the gym, or do yoga daily.
  • Why Affirmations: I do this because…it makes me feel good, or any reason you feel strongly about.
  • Thought Affirmations: Choose your thoughts. Decide in advance what thoughts make you feel good, so that when you catch yourself in a thought you don’t want, you will move easily to a better thought.

Add pictures and music to really set your emotions in motion. You can do this with a vision board that you look at while you are listening to music that inspires you.

silhouette of a people

What are your wildest dreams?

Between the chapters, Natalie shares her 7 step formula to happiness

  1. Start from your happy place – do anything that makes you feel good – keep a gratitude journal and write down 5 things you are grateful for every day
  2. Set your intention – Create a statement that starts with “No matter what, I…” and fill in the blank.Say this with true resolve daily.
  3. “If I had a million dollars and knew I couldn’t fail, what would I want?” Then look at what you said in your previous statement, thinking about what it will mean to you to realize your intention. Visualize this life you dream about.
  4. Create your affirmations in positive language, only using words that are about what you want.
  5. Visualize, with emotion, seeing yourself achieving your end results. Use a Vision Board or Mind Movies, 6 are pre-recorded and provided for you.
  6. Take action of any kind, that moves you towards your dreams.
  7. Be aware of what is coming to you as a result of the above.

Pros and Cons

Pros: An unusual book from concept to execution. I recommend this book without hesitation, it is truly something you will love!
Cons: I would love to tell you there is something I do NOT like about this book, but it wouldn’t be true if I did!

Natalie Ledwell

Natalie Ledwell


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