Mind Movies 3.0 Review

Let me start by telling you that Mind Movies has helped a lot of people create a better life for themselves. If you like vision boards, it may be for you, I don’t know.

Click on the blue link and give it a go.



It is inexpensive and simple to use. Like really easy, and anyone can do it. I am going to show you how you can bring your vision board to life in a way that will inspire you daily.

If it is for you, you will have no trouble focusing on your dreams because you will see them come to life in your own movie, with your own soundtrack, anytime you choose. If you want to, you can post your movies to Facebook  from inside the tool. You can put them on YouTube and watch them from your phone. You can download them to your computer and watch anytime you want to reconnect to your dreams and wishes at least once per day.

If you choose to try this powerful insider’s tool and really accelerate your results, you have 60 days to prove to yourself that it is well worth the small affordable investment.

Personally, I think that Mind Movies is a fantastic tool to really bring your vision board to life.


How does Mind Movies work?

The first (and maybe most important) thing to realize about Mind Movies is that you have to make specific choices in order to make even one frame of one movie. And we know you can’t get what you want, ’til you know what you want!

It is easy to learn; you just follow the prompts on the “Create Movie” Screen. On that screen you will find 16 categories, such as success, relationships, shopping and travel that have pages of pre-loaded pictures to drag-and-drop into your movie. I really like the feature that allows you to upload your own photos and build a library to use in any movie you create. The maximum amount of slides for a Mind Movie is 500 slides or 30 minutes. That’s a pretty long movie!

The next action to take is to select Affirmations to go along with your slides. Again, there are categories you can choose, each has at least 20 pre-written and ready to go. Drag and drop one below the slide you are working on, and you are done. If you want to, you can create your own by writing in the WYSIWYG editor, or cut and paste from another source (like the positive affirmations you learned to write) and that slide is finished.

You will want to Transition between your slides, and there are 3 general ways to do that: Fades, Motions and Shapes. Again, there is a library to choose from so you can make your movie the way you like.

To finish off your movie, add a Sound Track. In this section, you will also find categories and music selections.

Just click to play, and select the one you like. Once again, you can upload music from your computer…your own personal soundtrack.

When you get used to using Mind Movies, you can edit the length of time your pictures are on screen. If you want, you can also edit the time your text is on screen as well. If you are making a longer movie, you can even loop the music!

Now, Preview your movie and see if it is exactly as you like it. If not, you can edit any of the steps you performed. When you are satisfied with your mind movie, you can process it for download. You can also share to You Tube or Facebook right from the screen.

Once you create and download your movie, you can watch it on any device you choose. If you want to make it easy, just upload it to You Tube and you can find it from any computer or smart phone and watch anytime, anywhere.

I first tried Mind Movies a few years ago, and it worked well for the most part. This is version 3.0, and it is bug free as far as I can tell. It is an extraordinary tool, simple and easy to use.

There are two drawbacks that I see: First, you can’t insert or upload video clips from your camera or phone into a new Mind Movie. Now that would really be something, but I doubt that it can be done without raising the price substantially. Second, it takes a while to process videos. The last short video I sent for producing was not ready until the next day. This is not a problem if you have no immediate need for your video. In fact, you will soon learn that the time it takes to produce your movie is just part of the process, and plan accordingly.

Decision Inspiration

You are always at choice…

Speaking of price, I think Mind Movies is well worth the investment in the future you are now creating.

Creating the life you want starts with a vision, and the more senses you involve with your vision, the better. John Assaraf even goes so far as to suggest writing your goals while listening and looking at your vision board, or Mind Movie. If you are ready to go the extra distance, try that technique for yourself.

I hope you got a lot out of this, and are ready to take action and move ahead.

All I can say now is that Mind Movies is a tool I use and recommend wholeheartedly.

If you want to look into Mind Movies further before you decide to buy it, click this link and at least get the 6 free pre-made Mind Movies. Then if you decide to take action, remember that you have a full 60 day money back guarantee!

Click on the blue link and give it a go.



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