Karen’s LOA Story

Dear Dr. Tom;

I’ve been racking my brain for almost 30 minutes trying to find the best way to explain how the Law of Attraction has worked and that applying the LOA is the best decision I’ve ever made. To make it easier and less of a read for you I’ve made this picture:

Before Applying the LOA

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After Applying the LOA

128 (1) The best way I can explain the LOA is this: Why should you think and feel negatively when you have a choice not to? Like, for instance, why should you worry if your date will go horribly wrong when there is also a 50% chance that it will go perfectly? See what I mean? The law of attraction can go either way. It is up to your mind to choose which way that day will go. Now, I know those who are going through tough times right now will probably want to slap my face and say “Shut up – you don’t know how I feel”. Well, maybe I do and maybe I don’t. I can tell you though that I’ve had my share of tough times too:

  • I had a bad high school life – being bullied and all those things that go with it.
  • My college days were too wild! I got pregnant, graduated 3 years late and have been a single mom since then.
  • I am familiar with desperation – I’ve had to beg my close friends for money because my daughter didn’t have milk and my writing career hadn’t been exactly helpful that time.
  • I’ve been depressed because I was rejected over and over again in my writing career.
  • I know all too well how heartache feels.
  • I know what it feels like to experience the loss a loved one who passed away.
  • I know how it feels to think that life is too hard, especially when nothing is going right.
  • I know how hard it is to take that 1st step to get moving forward again. I know what it is like to be scared that nothing will ever turn out right for me.

I can list many more negative things, but I think you get the point. Again, I want to tell you that whatever state you are in right now, you can get past it. You can start over. You can choose to be happy. You can begin by smiling. Just smile. It will feel stupid and silly and not effective at first but just keep doing it. Don’t give up. Just look for ways that can make you smile. Researchers have proven that when you smile, your brain creates these neurochemicals that will help your body release the feel good hormones and instantly make you feel better, even for just a little while. When you keep smiling, you will feel better and eventually see your life in a different view; the happy version of it.

My life after applying the Law of Attraction

Just like that picture above and those bullet points of failures, I used to feel all sorts of negativity in almost every aspect of my life but after applying the law of attraction, I can honestly tell you my life is so great now. I can only think of the happy days in high school and even became close friends with those bullies before.

  • I’m a proud single mom with an amazing daughter who makes me feel so loved.
  • I get invites to write articles, ebooks, product reviews, thesis papers and so much more. I am now the one who gets to respectfully reject the clients. My writing career is going amazing and I know this is yet just the tip of the pen.
  • I always have more money than I need. I have my savings and extra money to spoil my daughter (which I don’t BTW).
  • So far, I think and feel that I’ve found the guy I’m going to marry. He’s close to perfect and everything I have imagined my partner for life would be. And the best part is that he is honest to goodness, so in love with me.
  • I don’t fear death anymore, and I know how to enjoy every moment of my life and those of my love ones.
  • I FEEL SO GREAT EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE NOW THAT I AM ALMOST ALWAYS SMILING. People have told me how contagious my smile is.
  • Sure I still think negative things sometimes, like fear about doing something new or fearing a big decision I need to make. But then I always find a way to feel grateful for all the change that has happened in my life, and the fear just vanishes like it never entered my mind at all.

How did I manage all this by using the Law of Attraction?

I was 20 when I first heard about the film The Secret but I didn’t watch it. I just thought it was a cool thought that like attracts like, and what you think about is what you bring about in your life. A year after that, I found the book version in a book store. But it was too expensive for me, so at Christmas, I put it on my wish list. I knew in my heart that I wanted the book (I had already watched the movie and was applying it), and I was bound to get it. The day I received the book was the day I thought “Wow this law really does work!”.

After reading the book for like the nth time, I started reading everything else I could get my hands or eyes on about the Law of Attraction. It took a while, but after a time I was truly able to fully understand its power and how I can benefit from it.

I made vision boards that I can see every day – when I wake up, and before I close my eyes at night. Before I doze off to sleep, I think and feel grateful for all the happy things that day has brought me. Then I imagine how I want my tomorrow to be like. I imagine myself smiling, laughing and just so grateful and happy. When I need something, I put in extra effort in imagining the happy results and the feeling of gratitude that I would feel if that need was already met.

Being grateful for even the littlest thing in my life was the biggest help I’ve given myself.  It made me happier and even more grateful. This constant feeling of happiness multiplied so fast and so much that now I constantly tell people I know who are unhappy with their life to just feel gratitude. I tell them that although they have problems, they should only focus on the good stuff and imagine the good outcomes.

Before applying LOA, I always used to fear the unknown. Always I would worry about the future instead of being excited about it, like how I feel now. I always thought of the negative sides of things – the “what ifs” – and always brought myself to expect the worst. Of course, more and more of these feelings came back up to the point when I got pregnant and had to stop school.

The moment I decided to change my thinking (by applying the Law of Attraction), was the moment I also finally decided what I truly wanted for our future. I learned to let go of my ex, who never helped me raise our daughter. It wasn’t easy to let go, simply because of the fear of letting go itself, but I managed by thinking about a happy future with the right man for us. I know that I am very attractive, smart and any guy would be lucky to have me and my daughter.

Knowing what you want is also very important to get good results in applying the Law of Attraction. If you are not specific then you won’t get the exact results you want. Seems logical, right? What I did in order to truly know what I wanted in my life (aside from the vision board) was to write down all of the things I wanted. I made a comparison of before and after, just to keep track of my progress. I focused on my positive changes, and I felt so grateful for them.

That’s what I truly believed in, and that’s how I started to become happier. The imagination and feeling of gratitude of having a great man who loves us, a big house, a great career and everything else beautiful. Actually, everything that I decided I wanted, I instantly imagined and felt gratitude for.

Also one of the helpful things that made it easy for me to apply the law of attraction was to check how I was feeling. This is mentioned both in the book and film the Secret. Check how you are feeling to have an idea of what you are constantly thinking about. If you’re happy then that’s good. But if you feel anything negative like fear, hopelessness, desperation, etc. then this is the time to evaluate your thoughts. Go the positive way. Think of the best outcomes and feel gratitude just by imagining it first.

  “Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Einstein


I am so happy and grateful that a lot of the people I’ve shared the Law of Attraction with are also happy now. Another way I manifested everything good in my life was through liking pages in Facebook that gave positive inspiring messages, and I stayed away from people in my life who were only giving me negative energy.

The first step is always the hardest, as well as accepting that your current state in life is the result of your previous consistent state of mind/ thoughts. These two things were the hardest to do for me, yet the will to be happy, and the will to get a better life for both me and my daughter were the forces that made me take those first steps.

I remember always crying when I first decided to let go of my ex and started truly applying the Law of Attraction. I would cry for just a little while then I would get my self together and talk to myself. I would remind myself of the better future that was sure to happen. I imagined everything I wanted and then my tears would fall again, but this time it was because of joy. I felt tears of joy just by imagining that my dreams would come true and shortly enough, in about 3 months, they began to.

I don’t know if you are religious but I am a Catholic and so I prayed a lot. I prayed and believed that God wanted me to be happy. That God is my Law of Attraction. That he would give me anything I want, as long as it was what’s best for me, and that I was a good person. I started loving myself and treated others with love. I complained less and less, and now I barely complain at all. In my mind I know I will only meet nice people, and so far I have only met super nice people that I love being good to.

My point is that applying the Law of Attraction is making my life so easy, so fun and just so amazing. Like I said, I’m always smiling these days. Whenever there are some bumps on my road, then I can easily think of a way to solve it while keeping my happiness intact. I am so full of energy now that I know my mind’s unlimited power.

You can do it too.

Find ways to inspire yourself.

Know what you truly want in your life.

Be happy and grateful for what you currently have and what you want to have.

Just believe in the power of the Law of Attraction.

Even though, like so many unexplainable things in this world, you can’t see it, the Law of Attraction is always at work and it is the power that I used to change my life for the best that it can be.


Best regards,

Karen Mae A. Margaja

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  1. This is a great story about the results of using the Law of Attraction. thanks for sharing.

  2. nat says:

    Thank you. 2years later, and what you have written applues to me now! I was at the train station in.UK, feeling a wave of sadness come over me, I am practising LOA, so began trying to think of good things, then I wanted to cry, and wondered if crying will affect my LOA in a negative way, but after reading your blog, I don’t want to cry (about my ex) of 2weeks. So Thankyou

    • Dr. Tom says:


      Always keep your thoughts on what you want!
      Only you can control your thoughts, so when you keep your mind on good things, you will attract the same!

      Thanks for sharing!

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